About company

Many of our dreams come from our childhood, don’t they? The “Louange” story started in the late 70s in a small cozy house. There, every evening grandmother’s “Singer” sewing machine buzzed and a little girl wished to learn how to sew a quilt for her doll.

The sewing machine had been about a hundred years old and was carefully passed on from generation to generation. Today the “Singer” covered with gold leaf has moved to the center of Moscow and gained a special place in the showroom of “Louange”.

Today we offer comprehensive interior solutions for private apartments and houses, as well as for premises of different purposes, such as: administrative buildings and business centers, banks, hotels and restaurants, casinos and clubs, cinemas and conference halls, health and educational facilities or sports facilities. We also provide direct delivery of furniture, lamps and chandeliers, silverware and utensils and décor items.

Each project created in our studio, represents the latest trends in the world of fashion in interior design and decorating.

We can help you to make your dream of a beautiful and comfortable home, which expresses your individual style, come true!